Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wonderful Sunday Day

I just finished reading the "STILL ALICE" by Lisa Genova. It is a story about a women who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. From her perspective what she goes through as she changes. It really hit close to home. Now we have put my father in the Nursing home due to his dementia and he is not able to function without the help of others. It has been a long year of changes for me. Alot to sit back and ponder on where life has taken me, my family and most importantly my mother and father. Some good changes and some needed changes and some very hard challenging changes. But I am so blessed for the changes. I am closer to my daughters and I feel the most honest with our relationships. I see some relationships deteriorating and that is sad. But most importantly I have a great relationship with my Mother and I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve her and have her in my home. I have learned lots about my mom and the challenges she and I went through when I was growing up. Interesting to see different perspectives of the same incedent. Thankful for forgiveness and unconditional love. Hopefully someday I will have the same bond my mother and I have with my son. But I have daughters who love me and a husband that is amazing. He loves me unconditionally and without judgement. I could not ask for a better life. My challenges have made me who I am today just as my mothers trials have made her the amazing example she is today. So very Grateful for Life........And for the craziness of it all. Good and Bad........

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day 2012 It was so weird this year to not go camping. We usually kick off our camping season this weekend. But we stayed home and got so much done. We finally got the basement den cleaned out so we can move my mom in. We will be making some BIG changes in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to all the excitement. Finally having my basement finished and completed. Now I have to go through all my stuff and if it doesn't have a place it is OUT. I am such a furniture hoarder. Anyway what a productive weekend. I did visit all three cemetaries and due my duty in placing flowers on family graves. Fun to sit and visit at my Grandma Rubys. I loved telling Mckoy her name is Drusilla. He said just like my sisters huh. Oh so many stories we will be able to tell little Dru as she grows up. I am so thankful that Grandma made it a tradition to take me on her yearly visits and share her stories with me. I cant wait to someday meet my extended family and get to know them even more. So grateful for the sacrifices they made for me. Grandma Ruby always said I did come from GOOD family STOCK!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where does all the time go?

I have been staying at home the last two months and tending my grandson. Where does the time go? We havent done any big projects but we sure seem busy. Amber and Kelly have sold their home and moved in with us for awhile. They are going to purchase my Moms home next door. It is just taking longer than atticipated to finalize and sale. It has been fun having them stay with us. And having a grandchild live with you is so fun. He does wear us out a little bit though. But the kisses good night and snuggles in bed are PRICELESS!! I wouldnt trade it for anything. Time just flys by so fast. I know we will turn around and the grandkids are all grownup. Amber is due with baby #2 in just a few days and we are getting excited to meet the new little one. (even if they dont want to call her Sammi) Life is good and I am loving every moment of it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

AJ's funeral in Canada

 December 3 Robs Dad Arturo Giovanni Tondini passed away. We made a quick trip up to Sparwood British Columbia to AJ's funeral. I was a good trip in spite of the situation. We had some quiet time with Rob and I. We got to spend time with Robs brothers. And we got to visit the cemetaries that have both of Robs grandparents buried. It was a time for reflecting on all our blessings. We have so much and have been given a great legacy. AJ has touched many lives and it was fun to talk and visit and share the memories. This headstone is in Fernie where the Tondinis are buried. Wonder if we can find it again.
 This is Robs grandpa Eberts buried in the Sparwood cemetary. He was a coal miner his whole life. The area of Canada surrounding Sparwood is beautiful. I hope we can come back once in a while and visit here again.
 Some of the scenery on the way to Sparwood.
 After the funeral the brothers with Fred Facca a good close friend of AJs that gave the eulogy.
 Rob and I all dressed up. I love the purple tie and shirt that Rob bought in honor of his father. AJ always loved color.
 The Brothers....Gary....John....Gene.....and Baby Robby.
 Gene and Dottie. Canada was a little bit different temperature for these California kids.
 This is Corbin where AJ first lived when he was born. It is beautiful up here. We drove up to Corbin and spread some of AJs ashes where he spent so much time loving the area. AJ would have picnics here all summer long. It was so beautiful to see on this winter day. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day. AJ will be forever remembered.

 The Brothers on the Creek. Amazing legacy that AJ has left. All wonderful men that love so much.
 Gary and Erin.
 Standing on the bridge at Corbin and sharing memories. We definately dont get to spend enough time together with the siblings.
 Photos after the funeral.

Rob and I taking a last photo after saying goodbye to his parents resting place.

Thanksgiving 2011

 Cute little Baby Mack our new addition to the grandkids. Isnt he adorable.
 Kamree posing for the camera. The girls always sit in front of the fireplace and pose for a photo.
 Alexis and Kamree.
 Alexis posing for me.
 Temple square parking lot. A picture before we head out in the cold.
 Grandma and Grandpa with the kids. We were so excited to go see the lights on temple square. It had been years since we had made the trip. Glad the kids let us come along.
 Rob, Kelly and Mckoy. We were amazed at how many people were there on Thanksgiving weekend. Not the weekend to go with little kids. Too many people and little kids cant see over the heads.
 Kamree, Shelby, and Alexis. My little cuties. Love the girls.
 Annikan and Mikes little family. Too cold to get Mack out of the stroller for a family picture. But he is there in the stroller under the warm blanket.
 The Salt Lake Temple is always beautiful especially at this time of year.
 Grandma and the girls. We were having so much fun.
 Mike taking our family photos. We should of sent out Christmas cards. We never get all of us together often for a photo.
 Kelly and Mckoy. So glad we got Baby Mack so we have another little boy to play with Mckoy. He will love that.
Shelby and Annikan facinated with the lights. Beautiful.

Slow at posting. So much happening and lots of pics with the grandkids.

My two little men. All dressed up for church. Next time I will have to buy matching ties.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I got a Job!!

My second day of a temp at PRESTO and got offered to work. I will be working days monday thru friday. Long days and hard work but so good to be making money again. You know I like to spend it. And now I wont have to clean house all day when I am home. Well see how it all turns out.



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Rock N Roll
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